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Handywomen washing and cooking on Do-It-Yourself solar thermal systems

Jilikul is a part of the Khatlon Province in Tajikistan. It is a three-hour drive from the capital Dushanbe and close to the border with Afghanistan. The region has barely no forests nor trees, water is mostly heated with firewood, which both takes time and contributes to the deforestation that is wreaking havoc on the country. As the area lost most of its wood, cooking on an open fire just increases the deforestation effect and brings health hazards into the households.


solar thermals distributed


small photovoltaics distributed

The project started in February 2015 in the capital Dushanbe where twelve participants were trained on how to make simple solar water heating systems. Local companies and NGOs were involved working together on green solutions. A few days later, three of those same trainees joined the team on the road to Jilikul, where they got to share their knowledge and skills holding a three-day workshop, producing seven solar water-heating systems with fifteen women. After the workshop the village community used the left over materials and now 15 households have warm water. With an incredible 300+ sunny days a year, Tajikistan seems primed to be a solar powered force to be reckoned with which makes this a bright idea for green businesses in this rural area.

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